CHANDAN – Hem PRECIOUS (Sandalwood) Incense Sticks

CHANDAN - Hem PRECIOUS (Sandalwood) Incense Sticks


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CLICK ON THE DROP DOWN BOX ABOVE TO CHOOSE A FULL BOX OR SINGLE PACKET OPTIONHem *PRECIOUS CHANDAN* (SANDALWOOD) Incense Sticks made by HemEver since the glorious times of Vedic India, Chandan holds a venerated position. Its touch to the human body is cooling and pacifying. Its fragrance purifying. As a 'Puja Samagri' Chandan has few equals.Hem, manufacturers of a very special range of incense sticks, welcomes you to experience a bliss of a spiritual order. Each and every product is indeed a summary of the great tradition that includes self control and makes all your meditative and spiritual trips smooth.Hem Quality Every stick of Hem is hand rolled in manufacturing facilities located in Mumbai and Bangalore, India. Strict quality control processes ensure that you receive only the finest sticks and pure aroma satisfaction. Hem Research and Development is constantly striving to produce products that reflect their commitment to quality incense.Full box Hex = 6 x 20 g Hexagonal Packets Single box Hex = 1 x 20 g Hexagonal Packet Full Box Square = 25 x 8 g Square Packets Single Box Square = 1 x 8 g Square Packet Full Box 100g = 12 x 100 g Packets Single Box 100g = 1 x 100 g Packet1g = approx 1 stick, therefore A single hex packet contains 20 Sticks and the full hex box about 120 sticks A single square packet contains 8 sticks and the full square box about 200 sticks A single 100 g Packet contains about 100 sticks and the full box about 1200 sticks